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The No Hassle Giving Site. Donate With Confidence. Together we ensure your donation reaches the charity of your choice. And with verified charities, finding the right one and donating has never been easier.

How it Works

What is Crowfunding?

Crowdfunding is a process of raising fund to a campaign through the collective effort of people or a community. First Life Foundation takes this approach to expand the concept of "sadaqah" by providing a platform and make uses of the latest technology to help those in need and leverages the networks for greater reach and exposure.

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How to get started

Step 1

1. Create a campaign

Create your campaign by filling out the necessary information

Step 2

2. Wait for review

Wait for the panel to review and process your application

Step 3

3. Get listed

Once your campaign is approved it will be listed under campaigns

Step 4

4. Share & start donating

Spread the words and people can start donating to your campaign

Get help from the community to fund your charity campaign

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Our Team

  • Chairman

    Mohd Zafran Bin Abdul Aziz zafran@firstlifefoundation.org

  • Vice Chairman

    Syaizul Amal Bin Zulkaffly syaizul@firstlifefoundation.org

  • Committee Member (Finance)

    Nazhatulsyima Binti Abd Aziz syima@firstlifefoundation.org

  • Treasury

    Jusop Bin Razak jusop@firstlifefoundation.org

  • Secretary

    Dr Nor Masri Bin Sahri normasri@firstlifefoundation.org

  • Legal Advisor

    Muhammad Muslim Bin Rusli muslim@firstlifefoundation.org

  • Committee Member (Audit)

    Norul Huda Binti Mat Saad nhuda@firstlifefoundation.org

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